An Australian success story comes to Bangladesh

Who is ATEC*?

ATEC* is an Australian supplier for highest quality biodigester systems that are designed to meet the requirements of Bangladesh's climate and environment. ATEC* is based out of Melbourne (Australia) with business units in Dhaka (Bangladesh) and Phnom Penh (Cambodia).

Why work with ATEC*?

Only ATEC* is providing you with highest quality biodigester systems and and excellent technical support for end-users and partner organisations of the IDCOL program.

Why is ATEC's systems better than any other?

Compared to older brick technology ATEC’s systems have evolved to meet todays customer requirements: It can be installed in areas with seasonal flooding and high ground water. It can be moved easily and even re-sold as an asset. The installation takes only 2-3 hours and can be carried out by everyone.

Do you guarantee on the provided service?

ATEC* takes pride in offering one of the best customer-services in the world. Each of ATEC's staff is 100% committed to help and support you where we can. All of our products come with 3 year warranty and have an expected lifespan of 25 years.


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