How does the system work?

In short a biodigester can be described as a gas plant that works like a mechanical stomach.

When fed organic material (farm waste), the bacteria inside the bottom chamber starts breaking the matter down and produces clean biogas (methane) as well as organic fertiliser (bioslurry).

The process itself is called anaerobic (oxygen-free) digestion.


The importance of biogas.

A biogas-pipe connects the biodigester and the stove in the kitchen.

Biogas is a clean and sustainable cooking method.

Biogas brings end-users a clean cooking alternative to their traditional cooking methods. Burning biomass (wood, dung, etc.) creates multiple health and livelihood issues for families in Bangladesh. Globally 4.3 million people die from indoor air pollution every year. Mostly being women and children. 

Biogas saves money every day.

Secondly, once the system is purchased and installed, biogas is free. In fact it saves the end-user money every day. A family in rural Bangladesh spends around 297 USD on bottled gas per year. This money can be invested into other, more important things now.

Is it easy to produce biogas?

Everyone can produce biogas easily at their own house. The steps are very simple and it does not take much time. Ask us about training material or call our friendly staff for more information: +88 (0) 961 2200 500

Is biogas dangerous?

No. Biogas is 100% safe to use, unlike LPG or other bottled gas.

How much gas does the system produce?

This depends on how you are using the system. It is designed to provide sufficient gas for your whole family's daily cooking needs. If you want to know more, please contact our biogas-experts on our service-hotline: +88 (0) 961 2200 500.

The importance of organic fertiliser.

Why should it be organic fertiliser?

Organic fertiliser is good for the soil. It can improve the structure of the soil and increase its ability to hold water and nutrients. Over time, organic fertilisers will make your soil–and plants–healthy and strong. Organic fertiliser is usually made from plant or animal waste or powdered minerals.

How much fertiliser does the system provide?

On average you get the same amount of fertiliser out as slurry you load in. Eg if you load in 60L per day you will get on average 60L of fertilser per day.

Is it easy to use bioslurry?

Yes it is easy to use. Farmer can use it for the soil before they growing plant to make their soil quality better. They also can use organic fertiliser with water to watering their plant.

Can I sell my fertiliser?

Yes, bioslurry is a high quality fertiliser. Speak with us for more information about selling it.

Can I recycle it into the system?

Yes, rather than 1/2 bucket of water and 1/2 manure, you can do 1/2 manure, 1/4 water and 1/4 bioslurry to boost gas production and reduce water needs.

Organic fertiliser increases the crop productivity and restores soil qualty.

See how it works in action