Superior quality biodigester systems

ATEC’s biodigester SOBUJSHAKTI converts animal, green and kitchen waste into clean biogas and organic fertiliser, providing clean, off-grid energy and appropriate sanitation for its users.

The system has the power to cover all household cooking needs and supply 20 tonnes of high quality organic fertiliser for crops, per year.

Being flood resistant, extremely durably and movable makes it the ideal solution for the Bangladeshi market and a valuable asset for its end-user.

Easy Plug & Play installation

Installation takes approximately 3 hours for two trained staff.

3 years AETC* warranty

Robust design that is build to last longer than any other.

High quality LLDPE-material

UV resistant LLDPE-material makes the system extra resilient.

High ground water resistant

Can be installed in areas with flooding or high-groundwater

Installation has never been easier

Two sizes to meet Bangladesh's requirements.

Height: 2.23 M

Width: 1.45 M

Weight: 90 Kg

Manure Per Day: 20 – 40 Kg

Biogas Per Day: 800 – 1400 L

Equivalent LPG Per Month: 11 – 20 Kg

Bioslurry Per Day: 40 – 80 L

Height: 2.23 M

Width: 1.70 M

Weight: 130 Kg

Manure Per Day: 30 – 60 Kg

Biogas Per Day: 1100 – 1870 L

Equivalent LPG Per Month: 16 – 27 Kg

Bioslurry Per Day: 55 – 110 L

Australian engineered, Australian quality.

Why is ATEC's system better than others?

ATEC's system is superior to any other biodigester system. Compared to older brick technology ATEC’s system can be installed within just a few hours. It can be installed in areas with seasonal flooding, it can be moved and it can be re-sold as an asset. 

What are the advantages of LLDPE?

Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) is a highly durable polymer that withstands UV-rays and other environmental impacts. While brick-and-mortar technology can crack or leak, LLDPE-systems last up to 25 years and do not need much servicing or repairs.

Is the system easy to install?

ATEC's system can be installed within 2-3 hours. Installations can even be done in rainy seasons. Speak with us about the installation process and trainings: +88 (0) 961 2200 500

What is the manufacturing lead time?

Please contact our sales team for order enquiries and production times: +88 (0) 961 2200 500

Do you offer delivery?

ATEC* offers delivery (min. order quantity 5 pieces) at additional cost. Please enquire about the respective delivery fee (depending on distance to destination) via phone: +88 (0) 961 2200 500

Australian product design, development and analysis.

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